The Unconventional Freedom™ - Advanced by Growksh

The Unconventional Freedom™ - Advanced

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What is The Unconventional Freedom?

It's all about following the market rather than predicting the market, like most traders do.
What do you stand to gain?
  1. You create a passive source of income for yourself using stock trading.
  2. You trade stress free in the market.
  3. You trade systematically in the market.
  4. You generate on an average 95-100% returns on your investment annually.
If that intrigues or interests you, hop on!
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What's included?

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The 4-Week course plan -

Welcome to The Unconventional Freedom™ - Advanced Course!
Week 1
8 Basic Building Blocks of Trading
Advanced Rules of Trend Following - Structured Profit Booking
Backtesting - With Advanced Rules - Stock 1
Bank Of India - Backtesting Results
74.2 KB
Week 2
Time Management
Book Reading List - Advanced
Backtesting - With Advanced Rules - Stock 2
Tata Steel - Backtesting Results
73.7 KB
Week 3
Find New Stocks to Trade
Trade Support - 2 Stocks
Week 4
Taking trades on your own

I have a few questions before I hop on..

What is the duration of the course?

The course duration is 4 weeks.

Are there any pre-requisites for the course?

Yes. You need to complete "The Unconventional Freedom™ - Basic" course before you can take this one.

Is it a classroom course or a self paced one?

The course is self paced. You can do it with your speed.  We recommend you to finish it within the given timeline so that you can get on to making some serious money real quick!

Do I get all the course content at once?

The course comes to you in steps every week. You are expected to finish the content of the week as and when it is released. That will help you maintain a good momentum in the course.

What all is included in the course?

The course contains the following things -
  • The technical concept videos
  • The  Advanced Trend Following trading system
  • Assignments
  • 2 live Q&A sessions
  • Trade support

I still have some questions. How do I connect with you?

You can drop us mail at Also you can contact us at +917498090757.

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